About Us

We are a Family!

We are truly a family, not just a gathering of strangers.   You will find in us a group of real people trying to live Christian lives in a world where that can be very difficult.  We are a close group who find comfort in each other’s friendships.  We know each other, enjoy being together, and care for each other.   As the goal here is to glorify God through His Son Jesus, and make our way to heaven, we encourage each other along this sometimes difficult road.  If you need a family…a friend…or a warm place to worship God, then we offer that to you.  Just stop by for services, stick around after it is over, and let us show you the Lord’s love.

Our Classes and Worship Services:

Our Sunday School classes begin at 9:30am and last for about 45 minutes.

We offer classes for every age group, from the youngest child to the oldest adult.  Our children’s classes are taught by talented members of our congregation, which includes several professional teachers and administrators from our public school system.  We try to make our child and teenage classes enjoyable, biblically sound, friendly, and “real” to their lives today.  Our adult classes offer stimulating studies in a relaxed, comfortable, “living room” environment where we share our thoughts, interpretations, and life applications with one another.  Our goal is to build stronger people of faith, and teach how our Lord’s way is the way to happier living.  We also meet for classes on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm as it provides us the chance to meet again as a family, to recharge our spiritual batteries through study, and fellowship with each other.

Our Sunday morning services start at 10:30am and last about an hour and 15 minutes (give or take a few minutes).  Our Sunday evening services start at 6:00pm and last a little less than an hour.  We encourage everyone to attend both services if they can.  It is a time to let the Lord know how important He is in our lives and display the love we have for Him through song, prayer, participating in the Lord’s Supper, and sharing a message of encouragement.  Sunday night services are similar to the morning services, but more casual.

Our Mission:

“Provide a loving, caring, giving, and serving Christian environment for worship and edification of local and visiting Christians, as well as non-Christians who reside in or visit the surrounding geographical area of southern Horry and northern Georgetown counties. In all endeavors, diligently adhere to the doctrinal teachings of the New Testament. Place special emphasis on providing a warm, friendly, supportive, and family atmosphere for all members and visitors. Make a concerted effort to expand awareness of the teachings of Jesus Christ throughout the community in order to edify and attract the lost to a dedicated Christian life. In addition to regular worship services and bible study classes, offer a number of special interest programs and activities that will enhance awareness and exposure to the congregation and its Christian commitments.”


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